Nobuko Trent

Primary Publication List

Linguistic coding of evidentiality in Japanese spoken discourse and Japanese politeness. Trent, Nobuko, PhD. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, 1997. 492 pp. Advisor: Yen, Sian


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The Challenge of English Sentence Subjects (Shugo) to Japanese Learners Nobuko Trent The 2012 Pan-SIG Proceedings, 2013, pp 187-195.


Speaker's information territory and EFL Politeness strategy of Japanese learners of English Nobuko Trent JALT 2012 Conference SIG Proceedings, 2013, pp 266-284.


On Track The Academic Writers Guidebook II. Trent, McCulloch, Rayment, Koizumi Waseda University International Co., Ltd., 2006, 133 pages.


Cross-Cultural Discourse Pragmatics: Speaking about Hearsay in English and Japanese. Trent Texas Papers in Foreign Language Education, Volume 3-2, pp 1-31, 1996.


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